Company created in 2015 we propose high quality 3D scan services.
Proposed scanning is based on photogrammetric reconstruction with an array of synchronized cameras.


In order to perform high quality 3D scans we have developped a set of complementary skills:

  • Electronic prototyping.
  • Mastering light conditions.
  • Stable distributed computer network for cam controls and data gathering.
  • Mastering photogrammetric reconstruction.
  • 3D sculpting.
  • 3D model retopology.
  • UV unwrapping.
  • Texture generation: diffuse, normal, displacement.
  • Low poly versions for interactive web portals or augmented reality.
  • 3D model integration in rendering software to provide custom lightings and realistic materials.
  • Render to texture.
  • 3D model modification to comply with 3d printing in any material: plastic, ceramic and metal.
  • Home made paper or wood sculpture by stacking thin layers.
  • Supply of large scale sculptures in stone, marble, wood or foam (machining sub-contracted).